Visa information

Do I need a visa to enter Chengdu? If so, how may I apply for the visa?

The 2nd ISCRM recommends that attendees apply for a visa as soon as travelling is being anticipated. Visa application requirements may change from time to time. Please refer to the embassy website of your country for the latest updates.


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Lebanon Malaysia Mongolia Pakistan Philippines
Singapore Sri Lankan Thailand Vietnam New Zealand
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 Visa application requirements for other countries Here

        Visa-Free Entry/Transit Policy and List of Relevant Countries

        72/144-Hour Visa-Free Transit

        About Chinese Visa


 Requesting an Invitation Letter

The 2nd ISCRM Secretariat is not responsible to contact or intervene on your behalf regarding visas and can only apply a fair refund policy for those unable to leave their country due to restrictions mandated by governments and that present documents proving this situation.